The Kitchen Masterclass

The Kitchen

The Kitchen Masterclass
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The Kitchen Masterclass is a course with 6 experts guiding you on the path to running a successful restaurant business.

Following the success of The Kitchen Season 1, we believe there is a gap in knowledge with regard to the restaurant industry. Opening and operating a successful business in hospitality is extremely challenging.

So for those of you who are aspiring restaurateurs or are already in the restaurant industry, we have brought together 6 experts for a Masterclass covering the three most important pillars that make up the restaurant industry: Food, Service, and Design.

These three elements must go hand in hand in order to create a memorable experience for your guests.

The Kitchen Masterclass is for restaurant/cafe/bar/lounge operators, managers, owners, and aspiring restaurateurs.

The course is an hour and a half long and divided into 3 parts:

Intro and Part 1: Food Segment Mastercard Financial Solutions for SMEs Food: What you need to know to run an efficient kitchen.

-Masterclass lead by: Chef Obehi, Executive Chef and Co-Founder, Ona Lagos Chef Ziad, Executive Chef and Co-Founder, Z Kitchen and Ziya Lagos

Part 2: Service: How to offer exceptional service to your customers through training of your staff.

-Masterclass lead by: Nahi Halabi, Co-Founder, Slow Lagos, and RSVP Shane Mumba, Sommelier,

The Wine Lab Part 3: Design: How you design your space, not just for Instagram but for functionality

-Masterclass lead by Tola Akerele: iDesign Anderson Edewor: S.ea Consulting

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The Kitchen

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