Mydealzone rewards

Mydealzone CashToken Rewards

The CashToken is a digital reward commodity that offers its beneficiaries an opportunity to win ‘LIFE CHANGING CASH REWARDS’.

Each CashToken gives you a chance to win between USD 12 – USD 242,865 in the weekly CashToken Draws. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The CashToken is an electronic reward commodity gifted to customers for patronage.
For each CashToken received, you stand a  chance to win between USD 12 – USD 242,865 in the Weekly National CashToken Draws which take place every Friday.

You get a CashToken when you buy a package that comes with CashToken rewards on Mydealzone. You can tell whether or not a package comes with CashTokens by checking its reward label.

  1. You can check your reward summary on your Mydealzone dashboard.

2.  Look out for the CashToken Draw Show to see if you are one of the Cash Prize winners.

Mydealzone requires your phone number in order to gift you CashTokens.

 Yes. An email or SMS notification is always sent to the recipient of the CashToken.

How to receive your CashToken wins:

  1. Step 1: Complete a purchase on Mydealzone.
  2. Step 2: At the payment page, please indicate your willingness to accept the CashToken reward.
  3. Step 3: Following successful completion of the transaction settlement, the earned cashtoken offers you a spot in a weekly draw where you could win up to 100 million naira.
  4. Step 4: The money from the CashToken weekly draw shall be deposited into your “available” wallet balance.
  5. Step 5a (Nigeria Customers): All customers in Nigeria shall be able to transfer this fund to their personal accounts using the Mastercard send service
  6. Step 5b (Non-Nigeria Customers): Non-Nigeria customers shall be paid into their bank accounts or mobile money wallets of their choice.

Please note that the Mydealzone holds the right to decide how the payment is made.

You can watch the draw on AIT by 9:30pm and Pop Central on DSTV @ 8pm every Saturday.

No, the CashToken is not a cryptocurrency and has nothing to do with cryptocurrency.

You can speak with a live agent via chat by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.